San Jose Apaches

The San Jose Apaches were a football team that operated from 1962 to 1967. In the 1965 season, they secured the Northern California League championship by defeating the Redwood City team. The following year, in 1966, they lost the Pacific Coast Championship to the Seattle Ramblers.

The final year for the San Jose Apaches was 1967, when they transitioned to the professional Continental Football League. This significant move coincided with the appointment of future Hall of Fame head coach Bill Walsh. Under Walsh’s guidance, the team concluded the season with an 8-4 record, earning them second place in the Pacific Division.

San Jose City College Stadium in San José served as the primary home ground for the Apaches, with some games apparently played at Spartan Stadium.

The coaching legacy of Bill Walsh adds a distinguished chapter to the team’s history. The Apaches’ 1967 season, marked by Walsh’s strategic direction, stands out as a noteworthy period in their brief existence.

1967 San Jose Apaches Season

The 1967 Apaches were upgraded to the Continental Football League and took on a new head coach, Bill Walsh. More to come.

1967 Roster
Head Coach Bill Walsh
Ron Aarts52C6’3230Riverside CC; Oregon State
Marty Baccaglio83RDE6’3245Marin JC; San Jose State
Chuck Billings46FB6’2251Florida A&M;
Jerry Bradley20RB5’10170California
Tom brown72LDE6’1230Pittsburgh
Bob Conrad15OE6’2195Santa Monica JC; Stanford
Steve Cox23SE-FL5’11185Los Angeles Harbor JC; San Jose State
Ollie Cromwell53C6’4260Central Oklahoma
Bob Daugherty11FB6’2205New Mexico Military Institute JC; Tulsa
Gary Filzetti21HB5’11205Santa Clara
Charley Fuller25HB5’11175Vallejo JC; San Francisco State
Chon Gallegos10QB5’9175San Jose CC; San Jose State
Tom Gates24QB6’1205San Diego; San Bernardino Valley JC; Oregon State
Dick Gibbs15DB6’1190Iowa
Charlie Green14QB6’0190Wittenberg
Larry Guilford45S6’1195Monterey Peninsula JC; Pacific
John Guillory21CB5’10190Oakland CC; Stanford
Willie Hector54OLB6’2220Pacific
Dave Hettema75OT6’4249Pasadena CC; New Mexico
James Jackson28CB-HB6’1190Oklahoma
Jim JacksonS5’11186Western Illinois
Leonard Jackson
Mike Jackson43S6’3200Bakersfield CC; Tulsa
Nate Johns26RB6’0205Monterey Peninsula JC; San Diego State
Walter Johnson85RDE6’5235Tuskegee
Henry Kalama22FB6’3230Hartnell JC
Greg Kent74ROT6’6275Wisconsin; Utah
Pat Lovell63OT6’0233Cal Poly (San Luis Obispo)
Chris Machado49S6’0200Hartnell JC; Pacific
Billy Mackey48S6’0203Michigan State; Bakersfield CC
Ron McBride58OLB5’11215San Jose State
Ed McCall20OE-P6’3205Miles
Sam Moore65ROT6’2247San Mateo JC; San Jose State
Tommy Myers69LB5’10215San Jose CC; San Jose State
Marty Nodila64RDT6’3245Grays Harbor JC; Utah State
Terry Oakes76DT6’3236Cabrillo JC; San Francisco State
Dave Olerich22LB6’1220San Francisco
Ernie Oliver70ROG6’2232San Francisco CC; San Francisco State
Jim Patterson66LOT-ROG6’4235San Francisco State
Bill Peterson86TE6’3228San Jose State
John Read30FB6’0225Stanford
Willie Redmond60LOG6’1227Monterey Peninsula JC; Utah State
Mike Roach14OE-P5’11190Contra Costa JC
Mike Ruiz55MLB6’2235Adams State
Jack Schraub83FL-P6’6210California
Len Sears72ROG-LOG6’5235South Carolina
C.B. Simons83LDT6’2230Stanford
Steve Smith77LOT6’5246Michigan
Dick Tatley36K5’7220Fullerton JC; San Jose State
Barry Thiesen75LDT6’2250Fresno State
Ed Titus20CB6’0195Merritt JC; San Jose State
John Travis32HB-FB6’1218Foothill JC; San Jose State
Gene Williams24FL6’4228New Mexico State
John Williams47S6’1202Reedley JC; San Diego State
1967 San Jose Apaches roster.
1967 Schedule
8/12/67Sacramento BuccaneersW31-16Hughes Stadium7000
8/18/67OC ramblersL7-44Municipal Stadium2300
9/3/67Eugene BombersW40-20Bethel park7896
9/9/67Victoria TyeesW29-2SJCC3107
9/17/67Long Beach Admirals
9/24/67Sacramento BuccaneersW41-0SJCC2612
10/1/67Seattle RangersW14-7SJCC2123
10/8/67OC RamblersL17-24Municipal Stadium
10/15/67Eugene BombersW23-21Santa Clara3117
10/22/67Eugene BombersL7-14Bethel Park2804
10/29/67 vs OC Ramblers at SJCCOC RamblersL3-14SJCC4391
11/4/67Victoria TyeesW33-9Royal Athletic Park5100
11/12/67Seattle RangersL7-17Memorial Stadium3982
11/19/67Seattle RangersW48-21SJCC3642
11/25/67Sacramento BuccaneersW45-10Hughes Stadium1500
1967 San Jose Apaches season schedule and outcomes.

1966 San Jose Apaches Season

The San Jose Apaches played well enough to have won their first 12 games. Still searching for scores and outcomes. They lost the Pacific Coast championship to the Seattle Ramblers. The Apaches kicker, Dick Tatley, kicked 14 extra points, ranking 4th all time in semi-pro football. Additionally, the Apaches scored 100 points on November 27, 1966 against the Pasadena Raiders, tying for 6th most points ever scored in a semi-pro game.

1966 Roster
Mike NicholsLE836’1190Foothill JC
Dick DeLaRosaLT746’4280West Valley JC
Pat LovellLG616’1230Cal Poly
Dave PaulC546’1240Apaches
Al ShewRG606’1230San Jose State
Bill HarrisonRT726’3265San Jose State
Larue GambleRE826’1220SJCC
Chon GallegosQB105’10180San Jose State
Joe KrausHB406’1225Kansas State
Henry KalamaFB366’4235Hartnell JC
Mike RoachWB196’0180Contra Costa JC
Bill/Dick ReynoldsRT756’0235
Dave OlerichLE486’1220SJCC
Lloyd KernsLT876’2230SJCC
Ben EneaRE866’1220SFSU
Ed WeisacoskyLLB556’1225Miami U, ’65 AllAmerican
Ron McBrideMLB526’0215SJCC
Tom MeyersRLB575’10210San Jose State
Lonnie GarlowLHB496’1190Apaches
Chris MachadoRHB346’0210U o P
Wayne HogueLS255’8160Apaches
Mel MeffordDT536’3235San Jose State
Dick TatleyK11San Jose State
Dave BeneXXXesQB155’11180San Jose State
Dennis MateoB206’0180Foothill JC
Jerry CalXXXXo22San Jose State
Alvin Gatewood23College of Sequoias
Hal McCoolWB246’0190Apaches
Fred Santos29
Fred SosaHB325’9210US Army
Ben GuzmanHB336’0200San Jose State
Roland FranssenLB386’1230Apaches
R. Roland Franssen43
Larry GuilfordS456’3210MN Vikings
Don DetataLB585’11215San Jose State
Dave ChaidDEL646’2225San Jose State
Fred FaulkLB655’11220West Valley JC
Phil PerryOT666’1220Apaches
Don MahoeDT676’0230Apaches
Chuck EldersDE696’0220San Jose State
Mickey OrdingDT706’1230Oregon
Elden LiuDEX6’4255
Carl KahnX
1966 San Jose Apaches roster.

1965 San Jose Apaches Season

In 1965 the Apaches won the Northern California League championship, beating the Redwood City team.

1964 San Jose Apaches Season – No data.

1963 San Jose Apaches Season – No data.

1962 San Jose Apaches Season – No data.