San Jose Owls

San Jose's Municipal Stadium.

San Jose Owls logo, 1942 (courtesy

The San Jose Owls, a short-lived but impactful minor league baseball team, made their mark in the California League (CL) during the 1942 season. Competing in the Class C category, the Owls, under the guidance of Manager Goldie Holt, exhibited a commendable performance, concluding the season with a record of 35 wins and 32 losses. Their notable achievements led them to secure a second-place finish in the competitive California League.

The team played at Municipal Stadium (now Excite Ballpark), their home ballpark. Despite their brief existence, the 1942 San Jose Owls left an impression in the baseball realm. Goldie Holt, both the manager and a driving force behind the team’s 35-32 record, steered the Owls through the challenges of the season.