Excite Ballpark

Built in 1942 bearing the name Municipal Stadium, Excite Ballpark has been the home to minor league baseball almost continuously since the end of World War 2. In 1946 the San Jose Red Sox began play as the minor league affiliate for the Boston club.

One team, the San Jose Giants, has occupied the stadium longer than any other team. Established in 1988 as the new minor league affiliate of the San Francisco Giants, they have been there since helping to develop world series talent. Excite Ballpark has been the home of numerous incarnations of San Jose minor league baseball, including the Bees, Missions, Red Sox and JoSox.

The stadium hosted the Savannah Bananas in 2023 and is also the home of San Jose State University baseball.

Excite Ballpark Info
Address588 East Alma Avenue, San Jose, CA
Current TeamsSan Jose Giants, San Jose State Baseball
Previous TeamsBees, Missions, Red Sox, JoSox
Previous NamesMunicipal Stadium