San Jose Spiders (WNBL)

The San Jose Spiders, a women’s basketball team competing in the National Women’s Basketball League (WNBL), showcased their talent during the 2005 and 2006 seasons. The team played its home games at DeAnza College.

Notable players included Brittany Jackson, Julie McBride, and Lindsey Yamasaki, Natalie Nakase, Amisha Carter. The Spiders wore red and black as team colors.

2004-2005 Season

The Spiders put up a 5-19 record in their first season, behind the talented Amisha Carter, Natalie Nakase, Tera Bjorklund and others. The Spiders coach was Tracy Carpenter.

2004-2005 Roster
Number2004-05 RosterPtsAstStlBlkORDR
21Amisha Carter17091345383
24Amanda Lassiter100261361040
42Andrea Garner100189103048
13Tera Bjorklund121141031447
11Natalie Nakase103562821126
77Erica Glover144342722127
8Tyesia hunter358121114
31Barbie Carmeachal9219111432
1Crickett Williams26102027
4Rachel Klug25530810
13Monica Roberts412211019
15Tysell Bozeman730010
20Tatiana Taylor41322519
33LaTasha O’Keith602034
52Kayla Foster1921186

2005-2006 Season

For their second season the Spiders found more talent with Brittany Jackson, Julie McBride, and Lindsey Yamasaki. With coach Fred Chmiel the Spiders improved to 7-11.

2005-2006 Roster
4Kristen Green
11Jessica Kellogg
13Dionnah Jackson
14Caity Matter
20Brittany Jackson
22Lindsey Yamasaki
23Constance Jinks
25Shanika Freeman
31Cisti Greenwalt
33Julie McBride
42Katie Bulger