San Jose Jammers

The San Jose Jammers, a short-lived minor league basketball team in the Continental Basketball Association (CBA) played two seasons in San José, from 1989 to 1992. The Jammers were part of a brief California expansion effort by the CBA, which served as the Official Developmental League of the NBA at the time. Unfortunately, the Jammers, along with their expansion partner, the Santa Barbara Islanders, faced financial challenges and folded within two years of their formation.

Owned by California State Assemblyman Dominic Cortese, the Jammers played two seasons in San José before relocating to Bakersfield. However, the franchise met a premature end when Cortese declared bankruptcy just 23 games into the 1991-92 CBA season. Notably, the team’s roster included Pearl Washington, the former Syracuse star and #1 draft pick of the New Jersey Nets in 1986. Washington, who struggled in the NBA, joined the Jammers in 1989, marking a challenging chapter in his basketball career.

The Jammers played at San Jose State Event Center Arena.

1989-1990 Season

During the 89-90 season the Jammers finished 23-33 behind coach Corey Russell, team scoring leader Richard Morton (1203 points) and Butch Hays’ 665 total rebounds.

1989-1990 Roster
Freddie BanksG6’2155UNLV
Scooter BarryG6’3185Kansas
Perry BellaireG6’4195Redlands
David BooneF6’6215Marquette
Jervis ColeF6’6220Fresno St
Chip EngellandG6’3180Duke
Scott FisherF6’7235UC Santa Barbabara
Rod FosterG6’1160UCLA
Ben GilleryC7’0235Georgetown
Butch HaysG6’4175Cal
Bryan KirklandF6’8225West Texas State
Richard MortonG6’4190Cal State Fullerton
Leonard TaylorF6’2195Cal
Pearl WashingtonG6’2195Syracuse
Dan WilliamsF6’9230George Washington

1990-1991 Season

The Jammers went 21-35 during their second and final season in San Jose. Richard Morton led the Jammers with 1,080 points, Jervis Cole led in blocks (51) and total rebounds (393). The team finished third in the West Division.

1990-1991 Roster
Richard MortonG6’4190Cal State Fullerton
Jervis ColeF6’6220Fresno St
Kenny TravisG6’2180New Mexico St
Mike YoestF6’7205Loyola Marymount
Mark TillmonG6’2185Georgetown
Kennt McClaryF6’8245Florida
Freddie BanksG6’2155UNLV
Kelby StuckeyF6’7220SW Missouri St
Scooter BarryG6’3185Kansas
Steve KeyG6’4175Boston
Greg ButlerC6’11240Stanford
Larry AndersonG6’7210UNLV
Ben McDonaldF6’8230UC Irvine
Jerome HendersonC6’11220New Mexico
Marchell HenryF6’5210East Carolina
Darren TillisC6’11240Cleveland St
John TresvantF6’8200San Francisco
Jay BursonG6’0160Ohio State
Ed CatchingsF6’9220UNLV
Pearl WashingtonG6’2195Syracuse
Ray FosterF6’10240West Virginia
Joe WallaceF6’8220Washington St
Jon TaylorC6’10250Arizona St
Steffond JohnsonF6’8225San Diego