This site is dedicated to the history of professional and semi-professional sports in San José, California.

It is maintained and created by Jeremy Lipps, jlipps2@gmail.com.

Use of San José vs San Jose: Currently, only the city and San José State University use the Spanish accento. I will use the accento according to team usage, and in normal text referring to the city I will use the accento.

Credits and Frequently Cited Sources

Most of the logos are courtesy of sportslogos.net.

Many of the photos are courtesy of History San Jose.

The team at Stas Crew does an amazing job on hard-to-find leagues and teams.

Baseball statistics often come from baseball-reference.com.

Basketball statistics often come from basketball-reference.com.

Some of the older baseball research is my own work combing through newspaper archives. I often use California Digital Newspaper Collection and I contribute as an editor cleaning up auto-generated text from scans of old newspapers.